Charlotte Property Division Attorney

It is important to know your rights when it comes to property division. Failing to seek out an experienced property division lawyer can mean forfeiting your rights. At my law firm, Mary V. Carrigan, Attorney at Law, I protect the rights of my clients and advocate for their interests.

What About Our Debt?

Property division is not just about who gets the house. Property division is the equitable distribution of all the assets and liabilities acquired during the course of a marriage. This means real estate, cars, bank accounts, investment accounts, stock options, retirement plans, life insurance and jewelry are subject to division. Additionally, debts such as mortgages, car loans, credit cards and any other liabilities are also subject to division.

Do I Have To Share Everything?

The entirety of a marital estate is subject to equitable division in North Carolina. This does not mean a 50/50 split of each asset. Fault is not a consideration in property division. This means that even if your marriage is ending due to infidelity or other grounds of marital fault, each spouse is still entitled to receive an equitable share of the marital estate.

What About My Pension?

Whether an asset is marital or separate property may be unclear, particularly with regard to businesses, pensions and 401(k) accounts. It is important to first determine the assets and liabilities that comprise the marital estate, and then figure out how to divide them equitably.

When a marital estate has stock options, a business or a professional practice that could continue to increase in value, it may be beneficial to hire an evaluator. I counsel men and women about these matters to ensure that they are not walking away from assets to which they may be entitled.

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