Guiding You Through The North Carolina Divorce Process

Divorce is never an easy decision to make, but if your marriage is ending and you feel that pursuing a divorce is the best option, contact me. There are steps that you can take to make sure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

I am Mary V. Carrigan, a family law attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, with almost 30 years of legal experience. Sometimes, people are afraid to come to a lawyer with questions about the divorce process because they believe it is the first step toward a bitter court battle. I will try to help you settle your differences outside of court.

The earlier you get basic information and understand the process, the better off you are in a divorce. When you are planning for a divorce, it is important to come in and understand the topics of alimony, division of property (all assets and debts) and child custody and support. Proper planning can help avoid many problems later on in the process. Divorce preplanning does not require you to take immediate firm steps such as negotiating an agreement or filing a lawsuit.

It is important to plan for a divorce by getting your finances in order, paying off debts, fixing up properties to sell, and gathering information about bank accounts, retirement accounts and tax returns. This information can help you can resolve property division issues through a separation agreement.

A final divorce can only be granted after living in separate residences for one year. All other issues can be resolved earlier by agreement or in court, if necessary.

To learn more about your options in a North Carolina divorce, call 704-333-8855 to schedule a consultation.