Giving You Options In Child Custody And Support In North Carolina

When children are involved, the issues of child custody, child support and visitation can become difficult if there are disagreements. At my family law practice, I recommend that parties settle their child custody differences outside of a courtroom. Custody trials are expensive and divisive, and usually end up hurting the children, alienating the parents and making it difficult for parents to work together for the children after the custody case is over.

I am Mary V. Carrigan, a family law attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, with almost 30 years of legal experience. I believe that the best interests of the children involved should be your primary concern. In addition to married couples going through divorce, I work with unmarried parents with child custody and support issues.

The Process Of Determining Child Custody In Mecklenburg County

To begin the process of settlement, we will start with the needs of the children and the abilities and needs of the parents. Parents need to be open, honest and responsible during settlement negotiations to come to an effective agreement. If the child has special needs or activities or if one of the parents has a demanding work schedule, these are factors that need to be thought about in the settlement process. These factors impact whether there is one primary custodian or whether joint physical custody is appropriate. There are many variations on custodial patterns.

Determining Child Support In North Carolina

Child support is also an issue affecting children. In North Carolina, court-ordered child support is based on the gross monthly income of each parent, work-related child care costs and the cost of health insurance. By agreement, parents can provide for items that the court might not provide, such as payment for private schools, money for college or payment for other activities such as sports, dance, piano, music, cars and car insurance or after-school activities. They may also agree to life insurance protection. Court-ordered child support ends at the later of age 18 or high school graduation. It cannot be court ordered for college students.

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