How Alimony Is Determined In North Carolina

Unlike the child support calculator, North Carolina courts do not have a formula to calculate alimony. Instead, the issue is typically resolved through negotiation, mediation or collaboration.

I am Mary V. Carrigan, a family law attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, with almost 30 years of legal experience. I help divorcing men and women negotiate property settlement agreements, including alimony. I will educate you about how family law in North Carolina applies to your divorce case and work closely with you to develop a strategy for achieving your alimony goals.

Temporary And Permanent Alimony

An alimony award generally is not finalized until all assets and liabilities are divided. A man or woman can receive post-separation support temporarily until property division matters and alimony are finalized. I can help you secure temporary support before a final alimony judgment is made or negotiations are settled.

Alimony laws are gender-neutral. Many divorcing men in North Carolina incorrectly assume that alimony will be unavailable to them, but women are increasingly being ordered to pay alimony if they earned more during the marriage. I will ensure that you understand your rights or obligations, and I will advocate on behalf of your interests.

Negotiating Alimony

A judge will consider several factors when awarding alimony, including the incomes and expenses of each party, the length of the marriage, the careers of each spouse and marital grounds of fault. Because fault can be a consideration, a judge can factor in evidence of infidelity, abuse and other marital faults when ruling on alimony matters.

It is difficult to anticipate how judges will decide the amount and duration of alimony payments. I can represent you through a mediation process to negotiate alimony terms and mitigate the uncertainty of a judge's ruling. I will use my extensive knowledge and experience as a guideline to determine a reasonable range to settle for during negotiations.

Decades Of Experience Handling Alimony Matters In Charlotte, North Carolina

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